Kevin Crenshaw

Rapid Turnaround CEO, Leadership Change Agent, and Author in Venice, Florida

Kevin Crenshaw

Rapid Turnaround CEO, Leadership Change Agent, and Author in Venice, Florida

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I BELIEVE EVERYONE SHOULD LOVE THEIR JOBS, and the change can happen almost overnight in almost any company. When everyone works smart on their own initiative, without being driven, your company will rock your industry.

OLD-FASHIONED LEADERSHIP HOLDS YOU BACK. Fortunately, you can quickly replace top-down micromanagement with liberating leadership. Everyone takes initiative, everyone feels success, everyone becomes leaders, everyone feels excited about where they are headed. It can be done fast, without confusion, frustration, mass firings, or restructuring.

SO I DO GUARANTEED CULTURE AND LEADERSHIP TURNAROUNDS. From top-down to hands-off in 90 days or less. On-site or virtual. I lead the change or show you how to do it yourself.

HOW WOULD THAT FEEL at your company?

IS THIS "HOLACRACY?" No, it's Hands-Off Leadership™, better than holacracy because it moves from certainty (top-down management) to structured freedom (personal initiative) without chaos and stress.

CHANGE EVEN WHEN IT'S "HARD." Rapid culture turnarounds, personal or team leadership transformation, organizational turnarounds. Your company's culture, business agility, and profitability will change within 60 to 90 days, with the full change continuing into the future because the expertise will be firmly embedded in your organization.

EXPERIENCE. I listen and understand. CEO, President, COO, founder, consultant, executive coach and trainer, change agent, 6x+ entrepreneur, 35+ years' experience in more than a dozen industries. Speaker, instructor, decades of volunteer service, father of 10. BS Physics. (Former senior business analyst, Director of Development, SaaS/software product manager, programming manager, lead programmer.)

DIVERSE METHODS AND TOOLS. Proprietary "Neverboss" rapid transformation model, simplifies key principles from proven thought leaders such as Lencioni, Covey, Marquet, Heath Bros, Drucker, Welch, Sinek, business agility, theory of constraints, VitalSmarts, many proprietary.

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    • BS Physics, summa cum laude
    • Brigham Young University