Kevin Crenshaw

Ultra-Rapid Transformation for $3M to $50M Companies

Transform your company's business agility, culture, and profitability within 60 to 90 days. Change when change is hard. Create self-managing organizations through innovative management methods and principle-based team empowerment. Fast-track executive/team development. Just-in-time leadership training for new/promoted leaders. Moneyball management (spot and develop unrecognized, lower-cost talent). Agile workflow and business process design. Overnight productivity turnarounds. Technical leadership. Rapid virtual team creation and management.

Experience. High tech founder, President, CEO, COO, excutive coach and trainer, senior business analyst, Director of Development, SaaS/software product manager, programming manager, 5x entrepreneur, 30 years' experience in more than a dozen industries. Speaker, instructor, decades of volunteer service, father of 10. I listen and understand.

Diverse methods and tools. Theory of Constraints; Lencioni (Five Dysfunctions, Silos, Four Obsessions); Heath/Heath (Switch); Agile methods including Scrum, Continous Agile.VitalSmarts (Crucial Conversations/Confrontations); Covey; Arbinger Institute; TQM, Priacta TRO, David Allen (GTD+Covey fusion); proprietary; many more.

Innovation is life.1988: Created one of the world's first tools for distributed continuous coding integration (early agile). "The person most responsible for the way WordPerfect 5.0 turned out." 1990: Created award-winning Spontaneous Assembly; 2001-2002: Created Ancestral Quest collaborative genealogical research platform. Today: Creator of the Total, Relaxed Organization time management training system. Creator of hyper-effective high-speed flex meetings approach.

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